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We have generous supporters who are footing the bill for the website, and others spending huge amounts of time keeping the adventure happening, and ofcourse we cannot forget the intrepid trio (Alex, Pete, and Berrimilla herself) who are well in the red ink living their adventure, which many of us are living along with them.

Any little amount will help... just click the donate button and follow the prompts. It is a very secure system.

Thank you
Stephen Jackson
Berri Web Slave

Now, when you click on donate it will display my email address (sjackson @ but you will see Berrimilla mentioned. It was just the quickest and cheapest way to set up a payment gateway. I promise to get it all to Berrimilla - anyway, ALex knows where I live! There are a few pages, don't worry about the postage info , and use the "no paypal account" option. It does work safely and securely - and it is a worthwhile cause. Thanks again.

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